Edel and Hugh

Durhamstown Castle

“September Bliss at Durhamstown Castle: A Quirky Love Story”

If a country house with a relaxed vibe is your thing you are going to LOVE Durhamstown Castle.

Nestled in the cozy embrace of Co. Meath, Durhamstown Castle played host to a September wedding that was all about relaxed vibes and a dash of quirkiness. Picture this: rolling hills, an old castle, and a love story that unfolded like a delightful daydream.

The festivities kicked off with the Durhamstown castle doors swinging wide open for the bride, groom, and their entourage the night before. It wasn’t your typical wedding eve; it was more like a weekend getaway where the castle became their own personal playground.

As the lucky photographer in the mix, I had a field day capturing the behind-the-scenes magic. The castle’s nooks and crannies became the canvas for the pre-wedding dance – groomsmen finding their ties, bridesmaids perfecting their twirls – you get the vibe.

Edel, the bride, shared a sweet first look with her folks, a moment that set the tone for the day. Bubbles and laughter floated through the air, making it clear that this was going to be a day to remember.

And let’s not forget the lads, raising a wee whiskey toast before heading off to the chapel. Tradition met a laid-back vibe, and it worked like a charm.

The ceremony? A short hop from the castle in a picture-perfect chapel. Co. Meath showed off its charm as the couple said “I do,” surrounded by greenery and love.

Back at the castle, it was time to party. The lawns and walled garden transformed into a champagne-fueled haven. Guests mingled, clinked glasses, and shared in the joy of the newlyweds.

Then came the barn, all decked out for dinner, speeches, and dancing. Rustic charm met heartfelt words, and the dance floor witnessed moves that could rival a pro dance-off.

Durhamstown Castle, with its quirky spirit, became more than a backdrop; it was a character in the love story. This September shindig was more than a wedding; it was a laid-back, love-filled adventure where every moment felt like a hug from the castle’s warm stone walls. Cheers to love, laughter, and happily ever after!