Bride and Groom on Trash the dress shoot. In water the bride is splashing water towards the groom in Lough Erne

Trash the Dress – why you should!

What else would you be doing on a damp July evening in Fermanagh, a week after your wedding?

For months maybe years you’ve planned out every detail of how you will say ‘I do..’ and in the blink of an eye the vows have been said, all the champagne has been popped and the party is over. What next? Sure why not trash the dress in a unique after wedding photography session? Now you don’t have to take the ‘trash’ part too literally, I know jumping in the lough isn’t for everyone. Think about it though, what are you gonna do with that dress? Don’t you want to wear it one more time?

Wedding days are busy. Often timelines are tight and spending time just the two of you, taking in the enormity of the promise you have made to each other gets overlooked whilst being pulled from pillar to post. A few days later, when the madness has calmed, a walk on the beach, a stroll in the woods, (if you are brave) a dip in the lough is the perfect way to round off your celebrations.

Now let me tell you about Lou and Ru…

Like I mentioned can happen, Lou and Ru’s big day passed in a flash. And when all the commotion had calmed down Lou realised though no fault of their photographer they hadn’t managed to get a picture with their little boy on the day. Now said little boy was two, saying cheese and smiling for a camera was not high on his agenda when there are loads of doting Grandparents and the promise of treats and toys else where. They were fighting a losing battle and the moment was missed. So a week passed and Lou reached out to see if I’d do a family session in their wedding finery. Well I was like a dog with a bone and the ideas for this session were exploding in my mind!

I should mention Lou is a friend so I chanced my arm to see if she’d ‘trash the dress’. And well what do you know, she’s just as creative as me (she’s a wedding florist go here to check out her work) and was totally willing to indulge my fantasy.

Now poor Ru knew nothing about our trash the dress photography plans, just that he was to put his dicky bow back on and repeat the phrase ‘happy wife, happy life’ in his head. It worked because we all had thee best craic. They got an extra album full of images of them as a family with the added extra of some unique loved filled, giggle enhancing moments that just couldn’t have been created with 100 guests watching on.

All the reasons you need to have a Trash the Dress session

  • You want the beautiful portraits but you don’t want to spend time away from your guests on your wedding day. After Wedding Photography is so relaxed. Picture all the glam but so much calm!
  • That dress cost you an absolute fortune. You might even have two. You love it maybe as much as your new spouse and you want to wear it over and over again. Shall we start a campaign to normalise rocking up to Tesco for the click and collect in a ball gown? I’m in! Trashing the dress can be as adventurous or timid as you like – there’s no rules.
  • Did it rain on your wedding day? You didn’t want to wreck your hair so you missed the outdoor shots you really wanted. Or maybe all that ‘perfectness’ isn’t really you and a session with no guests peeking on and some quiet moments just the two of you is just your thing.
  • You just can’t bear to let the newlywed vibes go yet! Don’t! I get it. Revel in it – Enjoy it, photograph it.
  • You are just great craic and trashing the dress sounds right up your street (you are my people)!

So you’d like to book?

Booking your Trash the Dress Photography session couldn’t be easier. Pop your details in the contact form in this link, and I’ll get straight back to you. It’s gonna be so much fun!

Maybe you are toying with the idea… Reach out – I don’t bite. I’d love to hear from you.