mother cradling her newborn baby on a bed

What to wear for your in home Newborn Photography Session

So you’ve booked your in home photography session, but don’t know what to wear.  

I get it, it’s difficult to find something that doesn’t smell of milk or hasn’t had some bodily fluid leaked on it these days but let me guide you through choosing what you and your baby should wear for your in home newborn photography session.  

Be comfortable 

I can not stress this enough.  Hence why it’s top of the list.  I have yet to arrive at a family home to find everyone totally relaxed and not in the slightest bit nervous about being in front of the camera for their in home photography session.  It doesn’t happen everyday, why would you not be a little uneasy?  Take the pressure off yourself and feel comfortable in what you are wearing.  Continuously fixing or pulling at your clothing will leave you flustered.  Feel glamorous, treat yourself to something you absolutely love – it will show.  

Choose Mums outfit first

Following on from point one, choose Mums outfit first.  Not all Mums feel super confident with their shape right after they have given birth so choosing something Mama feels her very best in is a good starting point to creating a colour pallet to compliment all the family.  Layering fabrics such as lace, silk and knits give a luxurious but relaxed feel so don’t be afraid to experiment a little. 

Avoid clothing with large logos or wording

Jumpers with large logos or writing will date quickly and distract the eye from your beautiful faces.  Please save me all the hours in Photoshop and just don’t do it.  

Avoid neon colours

A bit like the logos these will also date quickly and don’t edit well.  I love neutrals. Can you tell?

Ditch the shoes

A newborn in home photography session is very relaxed and we want the styling of your session to show this too. Do you normally wear your shoes in bed? Didn’t think so. Socks are absolutely fine for toe shy Daddies, just no trainers on the bedsheets please!  

Dad cradling newborn on bed with shoes off during in home newborn photography session Baby looking at camera on dads lap during in home newborn photography session image is black and white  

Keep it casual Dads

I always recommend Dads keep it casual.  Stiff collars and buttoned up shirts can look very formal and restrictive. Go for jeans or chinos with a relaxed t-shirt, v-neck pull over or a shirt layered over a t-shirt to give a homely vibe to your session.  

Choose a colour pallet that compliments the room your session will take place in

Here lies another nudge to keep your clothing choices neutral.  Too many contrasting colour combinations will distract the eye from the emotion captured in the image.  Let your expressions be the focus not your dress clashing with your sofa. 

Now what should your precious newborn wear for their photography session? 

Let them be comfortable

Comfort really is key to a newborn photography session.  Restricting tiny babies in stiff fabrics like jeans and shirts make them uncomfortable and this shows through when photographing.  Softer fabrics such as cotton and wool are not only comfortable for the baby but will also photograph timelessly.

The bellow images have been taken from the Zara online store.  You can browse their Newborn Mini range yourself here

Babies don’t need to wear a full outfit

I know it is very tempting to match the vest and socks to those cute little dungarees but don’t.  Show off those newborn rolls. The heat of your home and your embrace will be plenty to keep your little one warm throughout the session and why would you cover those teeny tiny toes?  

Baby photographed from above, yawning during newborn photography session

Add a personal touch

If your baby has a special blanket or cuddly toy they are attached to, or something that has sentimental value – include it.  These images are your memories and those precious possessions should be remembered.  Just have it/them to hand and we’ll be sure to have them in the frame.    

Dressing the big kids

After organising parents and baby the big kids come next.  Again toes out.  Their feet are probably still small and cute and the session might include a little bit of jumping on the bed.  If they are big enough to have an opinion give them some options that compliment the colour pallet you have chosen.  That way they feel included and if they are happy with what they are wearing there will be much less grumbling and fidgeting.  Maybe they are still babies themselves.  In this case it is very tempting to match them but a ‘similar but different’ approach works much better and allows each person in the frame to have their own presence and personality shine through.

big brother who is still a baby watching over his little brother who is lay on a bed during newborn photography session        

Final tips for your newborn photography session 

Never ever be afraid to ask for help.  Session styling is not for everyone and these points are just a guideline.  I’m more than happy to chat through outfit choices in my Instagram DM’s or email me at

When I photograph your newborn and family I want to deliver images that you feel amazing in, but most importantly when you look at them I want you to see your beautiful family and the love you share.     

If you are yet to book your newborn photography session you can do here

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